Refine 360 Bamboo Cosmetic Organizer

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Looking for a better way to keep all your makeup accessories? Wish to have more tabletop space? Want to keep all your belongings neat and tidy? We have a perfect solution for you!

Unlike some organizer which requires manual assembly. We make this sturdy organizer from environmental friendly and sustainable bamboo and ready for use with zero assembling effort. You can organize all your belongings straight out of the box when it arrives.

This organizer was designedto be able to rotate 360-degree to ensure it occupies as little as 12of diameter space, but allow easy accessibility to all the make up accessories and belongings. Saves more space of your tabletop and keep everything neat and tidy.

We had designed this organizer from ground up to ensure all 8 compartments are optimizedfor maximum storage space and able to fit in various-sized items. We fit in 50 items in various sizes and there are still spaces for more!

A specially crafted brush compartments with 3 openings for various brushes and pen shape items like the eyeliner, eyelid primer, etc. The non-slip mat on this compartment floor to ensure the brushes stay tidy and won’t slip.

We love classic wooden gadget and we also want it to last for generations. This elegant bamboo organizer comes with a waterproof coating for maximum durability and give you peace of mind even it get wet, incidentally.

✔ Model Number: RF02001

✔ Product Measurement: 10” x 7” x 12.5"

Each Purchase comes with:
➤ 1 x 360° Rotating Bamboo Cosmetic Organizer
➤ Usage and care Instructions

Limited 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Refine products are backed by a 1-year limited warranty unless otherwise specified. The warranty protects against original defects in material or workmanship under normal home or office use for the duration of the warranty period.
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